Drivers license, photo ID or Temporary Permit
Walk-ins welcome before 3pm M-F; Saturdays by appointment only.

• Medical Records/Prescriptions/Medication Bottles
• Clearance to commercially drive letter from Cardiologist if you have had a heart attack or heart           bypass surgery. Bring documentation of a properly
    functioning pacemaker if you have one.
• Copies of previous blood pressure reading or statements from your Primary Care Doctor if you           have issues with you blood pressure e.g. white coat syndrome.
• Clearance letter to drive if you take a scheduled narcotic, or amphetamine for any reason e.g.                 ADHD, anxiety, depression or weight loss etc..

​Urine Test is Mandatory: This is not a drug test. However, FMCSA applications do inquire
about illegal drug use.

​Get a good nights sleep, avoid smoking and coffee drinking prior to the examination.

Avoid fatty and sugary foods the night before and morning of your exam.

Eat healthy
Eat a light healthy meal the night before and a healthy breakfast.
Don't Smoke
prior to the examination
Smoking raises blood pressure.  Your blood pressure must be below 140/90 when measured at time of examination.
  1. Coffee
  2. Tea
  3. Sugary Beverages
  4. Soda
  5. Energy Drinks
  6. Sports Drinks
  7. Smoking